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Wedding Flowers


Coroporate, and Private Events.


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Welcome to Salisbury's event page, a hybrid studio/retail store where we specialize in custom design and style. Let Jenni's 19 years of floral experience create a personal floral visioin for your special event.

Our artistic invision incorporates using the finest most premium flowers available, locally and nation wide, to create timeless unique designs that are cuastoimized to each and every client. 




Jenni's intuition is a key component in her arrangements. Listening to the spirit, soul, and song of each flower and placing them exactly where they want to be. As individuals they are unique and enough, however when in harmony with others they become a glorious masterpiece. 

When you think of how flowers existence are interwined between exhibiting beauty and serving a purpose, that is also how Jenni wants her clients to feel with each and every design. Delicately presenting nature's most beautiful creations to be absorbed into the moments of their lives. 



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